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hamcrestBSDHamcrest matcher object framework
hamcrest-demoBSDDemos for hamcrest
hamcrest-javadocBSDJavadoc for hamcrest
HDFBSDHierarchical Data Format Library
help2manGPLv3Create simple man pages from --help output
hfsutils-develGPLv2+C library for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes
hsqldbBSDHsqldb Database Engine
hsqldb-demoBSDDemo for hsqldb
hsqldb-javadocBSDJavadoc for hsqldb
hsqldb-manualBSDManual for hsqldb
ht2htmlPublic DomainThe Web site generator
htdig-develGPLLibraries needed to develop for htdig
httpunitMITAutomated web site testing toolkit
httpunit-demoMITDemo for httpunit
httpunit-docMITDocumentation for httpunit
httpunit-javadocMITJavadoc for httpunit