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aisleriotGPLv2+A compilation of seventy different solitaire card games
armagetronGPLArmagetron Advanced, another 3d lightcycle game using OpenGL
bzflagLGPLv2A multiplayer 3D tank battle game
clanbomberGPLA free (GPL) Bomberman-like multiplayer game
crack-attackGPLTetris like game
crack-attack-musicGPLMusic files for crack-attack
crack-attack-soundsGPLSound files for crack-attack
csmashGPLA 3D table tennis game
extremetuxracerGPLv2OpenGL racing game featuring Tux
freecivGPLv2+CIVilization clone
freeciv-clientGPLv2+FREE CIVilization clone - client
freeciv-dataGPLv2+FREE CIVilization clone - data files
freeciv-serverGPLv2+FREE CIVilization clone - server
frozen-bubbleGPLv2+Frozen Bubble arcade game
frozen-bubble-server-commonGPLv2+Frozen bubble server, used for multiplayer game
ggz-client-libsGPLGGZ Client Libraries
ggz-gtk-clientGPLGGZ Client with GTK+ user interface
ggz-serverGPLServer software for the GGZ Gaming Zone
glchessGPLv2+Chess with a 3D board
glinesGPLv2+Move balls
gnectGPLv2+A four-in-a-row game
gnibblesGPLv2+A worm game
gnobots2GPLv2+Graphical version of text based robots game
gnome-gamesGPLv2+GNOME games
gnome-games-commonGPLv2+Common files for GNOME Games
gnome-mahjonggGPLv2+Mahjongg tile solitaire game
gnome-sudokuGPLv2+Generate and play the popular Sudoku logic puzzle
gnomineGPLv2+A puzzle game
gnotravexGPLv2+A simple puzzle game
gnotskiGPLv2+Clone of the Klotski game
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