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aalibLGPLv2+AA (Ascii Art) library
abootGPLA bootloader which can be started from the SRM console.
abrtGPLv2+Automatic bug detection and reporting tool
abrt-addon-ccppGPLv2+abrt's C/C++ addon
abrt-addon-kerneloopsGPLv2+abrt's kerneloops addon
abrt-addon-pythonGPLv2+abrt's addon for catching and analyzing Python exceptions
abrt-plugin-bugzillaGPLv2+abrt's bugzilla plugin
abrt-plugin-filetransferGPLv2+abrt's File Transfer plugin
abrt-plugin-loggerGPLv2+abrt's logger reporter plugin
abrt-plugin-mailxGPLv2+abrt's mailx reporter plugin
abrt-plugin-reportuploaderGPLv2+abrt's ticketuploader plugin
abrt-plugin-runappGPLv2+abrt's runapp plugin
abrt-plugin-sosreportGPLv2+abrt's sosreport plugin
aclGPLv2+ and LGPLv2Command for manipulating access control lists
aconGPLv2+Arabic support for linuxconsole
acpiGPLv2+Displays information on ACPI devices
acpidGPLv2+ACPI kernel daemon and control utility
acr38uGPLACS ACR 38 USB (acr38u) Smartcard Reader driver for PCSC-lite
adjtimexGPLv2+A utility for adjusting kernel time variables
alacarteLGPLv2+Simple menu editor for Gnome
anthyGPLv2+A Japanese words input system
apacheApache LicenseThe most widely used Web server on the Internet
apache-baseApache LicenseCommon files and utilities for apache
apache-confApache LicenseConfiguration files for Apache
apache-docApache LicenseThe apache Manual
apache-htcachecleanApache LicenseClean up the disk cache (for apache-mod_disk_cache)
apache-modulesApache LicenseStandard modules for apache
apache-mod_authnz_externalApache LicenseAn apache authentication DSO using external programs
apache-mod_authn_dbdApache LicenseUser authentication using an SQL database
apache-mod_authn_yubikeyApache LicenseAuthentication provider for Yubicos YubiKey
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